Vermont Mini-Cation: 5 Trip Favorites


A few weeks ago, we traveled to Vermont for Jesse’s birthday – a mid-week vacation. It was Vermont at it’s best – beautiful weather, great company and a sense of calmness [that I can never quite explain]. I’ll limit this recap to my 5 favorites of the trip, otherwise my words would probably ramble much longer than you may like to read. That’s what happens when you whole-heartedly love something, you tend to have a lot to say. So, five it is.

#1 Hotel Vermont

This is the place to stay if you are ever enjoying Burlington, Vermont. The simplicity, the little details, the ambiance – it’s spot on. And, the hospitality – it’s the best around. We were greeted at the door by an employee who just finished his trek on the Appalachian Trail – need I explain more? The rooms are cozy, Vermont Green Coffee in pottery mugs comes complimentary with a quick stroll down the hall each morning, and it’s just a happy place. I have never been good at relaxing. This is not a good quality. But, this place, it makes relaxation simple [maybe it is the flannel robes?] Is it too soon to say take me back?

[Visit Burlington]

#2 Work or Pleasure? 
When you go on a mid-week minication, you will be asked – “Work or pleasure..?” The best part about this question is that we can respond with, “Both. Always both. “ That’s the thing about being self-employed and passionate about what you do, it doesn’t always feel like work. Jesse and I spent much of our days working side by side, soaking up the Vermont sunshine on the Hotel Vermont patio or out at a Church Street Coffee Shop. Watching him in action will never get old. His genuine energy for life and where it is going is amazing. This tops my list for favorite work destinations.


#3 Group Run with Outdoor Gear Exchange
Running is incredible. Wherever you go, you can lace up your shoes and head out to explore. And, when you are lucky, you find the community. And, guess what? We found them [runners] in Burlington. Outdoor Gear Exchange is one of our must-go-to stores when visiting Church Street. On one of our visits [note the “s”], we noticed the sign for a group run. And, I am sure happy we decided to attend. We spent 6 miles running with the most genuine people on trails that I’ll call – hidden gems. For all my visits to Burlington, I did not know this amazing single track maze existed. This single track is now home to memories – we ran, we chatted about life and running stories, we tripped over roots and rocks and made our way up the hills and back to home base. We were reminded once again why we run. And, we will certainly be back for more.


#4 Lake Champlain Waterfront Sunrises
Lake + Mountains. The view gets me every time. When you can walk/run to it, it’s even better. So maybe we were on vacation, but the early morning wake up calls for runs by Lake Champlain were entirely worth setting the alarm. Don’t believe me? See photos below.



#5 Walk to Breakfast Dates
Breakfast dates are a favorite. It’s our time to just be – no work, no running, no outside distractions -- just good food and conversation. The best part about these dates – we could walk to them [even a little hand holding went on]. We visited Penny Cluse [twice]. It’s a tiny little place with character, Vermont charm [and, really good breakfast]. In other words, there was no better way to start our days in Burlington.



So, that is the trip in 5. It was so much more than 5, but you get it and I hope you get to enjoy Burlington one day too.

I’ll let you in on a secret, this place has our heart [it has since trip number 1], and because I believe in checking things off the list, Vermont home sweet home is on the five year plan.