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Fitness Coaching

All programming is based on the principle of - feel good first, look good second. This is training for daily performance, aesthetics is just the by product. I want you to move because it provides greatness to your life - physically and emotionally.

Online Coaching Total Body Workout

Online Training

If you are looking for direction, guidance, tough love and a friend - this is it. The workouts I put on paper mean nothing if they do not work for you. Programs are individually customized and hybrid in nature. That means they mix cardio endurance, strength work and plenty of recovery to create a plan that meets your goal. And, then we talk - about the plan and life - the more we communicate, the better the plan becomes. This is the support, the accountability, the stuff that actually makes the program work and happen. 

This is full service coaching - $125/month
To learn more or get started, contact Crystal.

Personal Training Image

Personal or Small Group Training

Queen City friends, this is for you. If you want to work up a good sweat around Charlotte, reach out and let’s put the goals on paper, the plan in action and body in motion. 

Personal Sessions: $80/hour

Small Group Sessions (3-6 clients): $150/hour